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No, really, I’d be happy to help.



What can I do?


Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple ‘Horns’

No, really, I’d be happy to help.

What can I do?


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people watching is my favorite thing to do

i love playing “spot the tourist”

also since you and alex are talking about buffy my sis is currently watching buffy, too

Oh my god, same. We have these themed characters at Universal called the “Tacky Tourists” which are exactly what they sound like they would be, and my favorite thing is playing the “Tacky Tourist or just an actual tacky tourist?” game. and YES ALL THE BUFFY.

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im v iffy about volume 2 but im glad you’re digging it!!!! america and kate are my life aspirations. i wish there was more tommy :’( yAY im excited you’re reading it.

so far i like volume 1 better but still digging volume 2 tbh. SAME. i knew i loved america from like page 1 of volume 1 when she was like ‘korean barbecue is the only reason i’m here. you’ve got until this steak is medium rare.’

YOUNG AVENGERS YES. billy kaplan’s the bae <3___<3 are you reading volume one?

i’m reading volume 2 of the 2013 series. it’s sooooo good.

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you’ll be so proud of me. reading young avengers and surrounded by felines.


Do you need some help with that?


I think that most would have tried for a single trip. *shifts the books around* They just don’t look as heavy as they actually are.


Yeah, that’s it. I guess they’re just thick books. At lot of these were the books I read as a kid, though, so they can’t be that large. …Maybe I was just an ambitious reader as a kid.